At the begging of the year, we had to creat our account for edublogs and I was terrified. I hated writting. It was the worst thing any teacher could give me. Since I barely new English I felt that everything that I wrote was wrong. I felt scared of the idea of sharing my thoughts with all of my classmates. I didn’t like it at all.

My first post, was about my summer in South Padre Island. Now that I look back to it, I see so many mistakes. I have improved so much in my writing skills. I know how to paragraph better, and my writing is longer and more discriptive. I have learned so many things this year in how to write.

Now that I know how to write, I actually enjoy it. It feels good to write about how you feel about stuff. I still feel a little scared when I post something, but now I know that i’m doing it right. I love writing.

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Seventh Grade

When I first arrived in August, I knew it was going to be a hard year. Late nights doing homework and studying and dealing with a lot of drama. I knew I would struggle to get though this year, but soon I realized that it was not so bad.

By October, I was drowning. I got my first report card, and it was not great. Science was killing me. I almost felt like it was a different language. I would stay up until 12 every night doing my reading notes and studying. The first half of the year was not good. But after winter break, my grades kept getting better and better.

Eventually I figured out that everything takes time. If you really want something, you have to try hard and do your best to accomplish it. My grades were low, but with a lot of effort I got through it. I didn’t have a lot of friends when I got here in 6th grade. But I figured that you just have to give it time. Now I have so many friends and I am starting to like West Ridge more than I did when I fist got here. I miss my friends in Mexico so much! I thought I was going to die in school without them. But I think the problem was that I was overthinking the hole situation going to a new school. Now I actually like going to school because I have so much fun in West Ridge. I just had to let something’s go.

In seventh grade, I learned how to structure a narrative essay in English. In science I learned how to dissect a deer’s heart. In math I learned to add and multiply so many numbers and factions. In Texas history I learned how people used to live, and how they adapt, and how Texas became independent. But mostly, this year I learned how to deal with stress in a healthy way, and how to let the past go and just enjoy every second of my life.

My advice to next years seventh graders: Enjoy every moment, and make memories with your friends. Don’t stress about it because you WILL get through it. Keep your head up and have and do your homework!

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‘It’s Summer!!!’ I can’t wait to say those words. To stop being stressed everyday about homework, or studying. Just relaxing and swimming under the sun. Hanging out with my friends in Mexico that I haven’t seen in 4 months! I will finally get to see them again. It’s going to be like I never left. Summer come to me!

Last summer I went to Cancun with all my family for 2 weeks. I had the best time of my life. Running around, meeting new people, and enjoying every single moment with my family and friends that I had missed so much. I will never forget the fun I had, visiting places I had never seen before. The beach was beautiful. It was almost unreal. Hopefully I go back again this year and have as much fun.

This summer is going to be the best one. I have been planning it since last year. We are going to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and South Padre Island. I can’t wait to see everyone from Mexico again. Summer, hurry up!

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Friendship Poem

Best friends stick together till the end,
They are like a straight line that will not bend.

They trust each other forever,
No matter if you’re apart you are together.

They can be your hero and save the day,
They will never leave your side they are here to stay.

They help you up when you fall,
Your true friends are best of all.

By Emily

This poem is very special to me because it reminds me of my friends in Mexico that I haven’t seen in a while. We talk almost every night, but sometimes I feel really lonely if we don’t talk. I feel farther and farther from them everyday. But then I visit them again and it’s like I never left. They are always there for me. True friends stick together till the end.

Media and a Memory

When I was little, I just couldn’t do it without watching Monsters Inc. I thought it was the most rare and interesting movie. It was so different from every other movie. I loved it.

It had monsters, doors, screams, characters and a great story. While I watched it, I felt happy. It made me jump and scream. I watched it so many times that I learned all the lines of the whole movie. I would watch it every night before I went to sleep. I liked every single part of it, including Boo. While I watched it, I pretended to be Boo, running around with pigtails and shouting “Kitty” while jumping to my dad.
Without it, my childhood would’ve been different and boring . Monsters Inc is one of my best memories as a child. I will never forget the fun I had watching it with my dad. Every time I watch it I fall in love again.

Favorite Quote

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”
-Willie Nelson

This is quote made my day. It explains exactly how I feel right before a test or a dance performance. If you think positive, everything is just easier. If you really believe you can do something, then do it.

My mom is always reminding me to think positive. Whenever i’m having trouble studying I just think to my self “You can do anything you want if you are positive and you try” and it has really helped me to keep trying. If you are negative you won’t get anywhere. Being positive is the best way to achieve your dreams.

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Forever 21

forever 21

I walk into the big doors, with the urges to buy all the store. I take a deep breath and think were to start. I’m in Forever 21, my favorite store.

Shirts, crop tops, shorts, leggings- “UGHH! can I just take everything?” I walk through every hallway full of gorgeous clothes, then see that one dress that captures my look. Black and blue with a soft texture. I grab it and look a it for a long time. I picture my self in the dress and everything is perfect in that moment, until I look at the price…

After a while my head starts to hurt, and now the worst part of shopping is trying it out. The dressing rooms are always noise and crowdie, mostly on Fridays and Saturdays. The line is long, and we are only allowed to take 7 things a the time! -I’m never going to finish. I try everything on and end up buying a few things.

I love shopping at Forever 21, specially when I find things that I really like. I could buy the whole store if I could.

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5, 6, 7, 8… Dance is my passion. I dance with every song. I dance everywhere were there is music. I love dancing.

Dance makes me feel free. It also let’s you get out of your life problems and dance whatever you are feeling. It makes me forget my life and enter a new one. Whenever i’m sad I play a slow song and start dancing and it makes me feel better.

I have danced since I was 4. My mom was a dancer and she wanted me to learn it like she did. There has been times when I just want to quit dance because it’s too much: I can’t go out in Fridays because I have rehearsal or I finish dance too late that I don’t have time to study. But I start watching Sophia Lucia,”So you Think you Can Dance?” or “Dance Moms” and they all inspire me to be better every day.

I love dancing; I don’t think I could live without it. It makes my life better. Dance is my inspiration.

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Winter is necessary

Everyone gets tired of wearing hats and wearing sunblock at one point. After 2 months of getting tanned I just want to lay down in the snow. Winter is necessary.

Eventually I get tired of the sun burning my skin, and putting on sunblock every day. I have to wear shorts and t-shirts every day. If not I feel like I’m burning.

I like winter because I love being in my house and going everywhere with my blanket. Fuzzy socks, comfy pants, hot chocolates and watching movies in Netflix the whole day…That’s what I like to do in winter.

Without a doubt we all need winter, and we all now that Christmas is not Christmas without a cold winter day.

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Cameras are important

The best way to remember your favorite moments, is by seeing them in pictures. To relive the memories. To capture the moment. Cameras are totally important.

Cameras are very important to take everywhere you go. They help us share to people what we did and what we were doing. They let us go back to that moment and remember how fun it was. When we went to Disney my mom wouldn’t stop taking pictures, and at the time it was really annoying “You are going to regret it” and as usual- she was right. Now I’m glad I have that picture of our family in front of the Disney castle.

Cameras are fun to use and learn about them too. I love taking pictures to picturesque places, but the first thing you have to before using it is learning about it and the many things it can do. When I got my camera I didn’t know how to use it properly, I only knew how to take normal and boring pictures but once I learned how to use it I was impressed of the things it can do.

My family and I love watching our photo album, laughing and remembering the fun we had. Cameras are totally important: is the best way to never forget.